Working with our clients to design better products

We have worked with a number of customers to provide solutions to improve operator speed, comfort, and health and safety compliance.  For example;

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


Trelleborg invested in new machinery so had a need for platforms and tables to support operators of the new presses.  At Bowson Engineering we listened to the customer needs, offered a design solution and quoted.  Upon receipt of the order produced a 3d drawing using solid works, after approval manufactured and delivered to site.

  • New press layout – roller table – working platform with bench

roller table

Blow off table

Blow off table

Mixing cabinet

Mixing cabinet

Work bench

Work bench


We have provided a subcontract service for the manufacture of various products including bespoke planters.


Scott Pallets approached us to contribute to the design of work benches for the assembly of pallets. It was important to consider the working environment and how the bench would be utilised. Then together with Scott Group we offered a design solution, manufactured a number of trial benches, then rolled it out across the company.

scott group

Scott pallets -

Scott pallets bench version 1                                       version 2

Scott pallets bench version 1Scott pallets bench version 2

In addition, we have provided a number of smoking shelters and shelters for bikes.

smoking shelter


Venesta had a new addition to their manufacturing machinery. So they required the existing guarding to be modified with extra guarding.

venesta guard

Walkers toffee approached us to manufacture products for the manufacturing processes.


One example is a toffee mixing tank manufactured using food grade stainless steel

toffee mixing tank 1toffee mixing tank 2

Wash down trolley

wash down trolley

Scraper holder

scraper holder



Working closely with Greenoaks we have manufactured a range of products including raised height platforms, pallet gates, column guards, barriers, handrails, work benches, machine guarding, dry wipe boards etc. Our service benefit has been to supply on demand with tight deadlines.

guard 1guard 2guard 3

Mesh guarding – enclosure doormesh guarding



bespoke roll holder to feed a new cutting machine


bespoke roll holder


forestry england

Working with Forestry England to design a deer tower – it was necessary to replace existing wooden towers with something safer and more durable.

tower tower 2tower 1